Electric Earthquake: Man-Made Disasters

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Since the days of Nikola Tesla, madmen have imagined the possibility of inducing natural disasters. Through the use of modern technology based on some of his work, that goal is no longer science fiction. Ionospheric heaters are capable of inducing the same sympathetic resonance between the Earth (Telluric currents), atmosphere (Ionospheric current), and our sun.

That “Quantum Vibration” or sympathetic resonance is well described by Dr. Kongpop U-yen in this Earth/Sun connection.

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Although the interconnections between the Earth, Sun, and modern technology aren’t discussed in the previous video; other research into ionospheric perturbations confirm this electrical connection.

Earthquakes are the product of ELF, VLF & ULF resonance between the ionosphere and ground electrical currents. Those disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic signature occur naturally due to electrical interactions between our sun and celestial bodies as they align. These days, this electrical disturbance is no longer the work of nature alone.

“Generating electromagnetic radiation at extremely-low frequencies is difficult because the long wavelengths require long antennas, extending for hundreds of kilometers. Natural ionospheric currents provide such an antenna if they can be modulated at the desired frequency [1-6]. The generation of ELF electromagnetic radiation by modulated heating of the ionosphere has been the subject matter of numerous papers [7-13].”

“In 1974, it was shown that ionospheric heater can generate ELF waves by heating the ionosphere with high-frequency (HF) radiation in the megahertz range [7]. This heating modulates the electron’s temperature in the D region ionosphere, leading to modulated conductivity and a time-varying current, which then radiates at the modulation frequency. Several HF ionospheric heaters have been built in the course of the latest decades in order to study the ELF waves produced by the heating of the ionosphere with HF radiation.”

Not only was this technology tested in real world application. The results of these tests was an 8.1 EQ in the Samoan Islands. Artificial generation of Alfven (whistler) waves is the key to modulation of ELF resonance in Earth’s Schumann cavity.

“In Samoa Islands, a powerful earthquake took place at 17:48:10.99 UTC (06:48:10.99 LT) on 29 September 2009 with a magnitude Mw=8.1. Using ICE (Instrument Champ Electrique) and IMSC (Instrument Magnetic Search Coil) experiments onboard the DEMETER (Detection of Electromagnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Regions) satellite we have surveyed possible variations in electromagnetic signals transmitted by the groundbased VLF transmitter NPM in Hawaii and in HF plasma waves close to the Samoa earthquake during the seismic activity. The indices Dst and Kp were used to distinguish preearthquake anomalies from the other anomalies related to the geomagnetic activities.”

NPA Hawaii

“In a previous study we have shown that anomalies in IAP (plasma analyzer) and ISL (Langmuir probe) experiments onboard the DEMETER and also TEC (Total Electron Content) data appear 1 to 5 days before the Samoa earthquake. In this paper we show that the anomalies in the VLF transmitter signal and in the HF range appear with the same time scale. The lack of significant geomagnetic activities indicates that these anomalous behaviors could be regarded as seismo-ionospheric precursors. It is also shown that comparative analysis is more effective in seismoionospheric studies.”

Some speculate that electrical earthquake phenomena are related to the piezoelectric effect. This doesn’t explain the precursors observed in the Earth’s Ionosphere.

“The generation of transient electric potential prior to rupture has been demonstrated in a number of laboratory experiments involving both dry and wet rock specimens. Several different electrification effects are responsible for these observations, however, piezoelectricity cannot explain why quartz-free rocks can also generate precursory phenomena and electrokinetic phenomena are normally very weak to produce macro- and megascopic scale effects. Electrification is observed in dry, non-piezoelectric rocks meaning that additional, solid state mechanisms should be responsible.”

The mechanism for EM perturbations producing earthquake precursors in the ionosphere are well understood. Those madmen have had more than 100 years to research what only Tesla and few others knew. It’s an Electric Universe and all existence is a product of this primary force of nature. Perhaps we really shouldn’t, ‘fool with Mother Nature‘ or play God.

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  1. GodElectric.org

    Keep researching this subject and you will learn a lot about how the human mind interfaces with electric fields – RNM and directed energy weapons. At least that’s what happened to me.

    1. gracda

      Greetings, this comment, (July 26th) , prompts me to share a link -please do not be put off by the title which relates to the initial question that Steven Greer was asked and then led him to expound on many interesting and related topics (re: your comment). I believe it is worth taking the time to view. He is spot on as far as I am concerned. In the light.

  2. simplyone

    So, what about the HAITI earthquake of 2010? Are there signatures left behind that would or could show it was a created event?

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